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Made by Hand


“Our greatest tools are our heart and hands. When we take time to make something with our hands, we connect with ourselves and others.”

Anna Westerlund


There is perfection in the way Anna Westerlund embraces imperfection and captures the uniqueness within each moment to create ceramic pieces that are meant to be enjoyed, shared and cherished. The impromptu strokes of colour and the naivety of the drawing lines are fingerprint-like details that imbue each object the author makes with humanity and singularity.

Founded in 2013 in Lisbon, Anna Westerlund is an atelier where reality and fantasy meet, drawing and painting interface, and no two pieces are alike. Anchored in the belief that error is an advantage in the path towards individualization, the slow living workspace promotes small scale quality production, supported by an ecological design, aware of the authentic, lasting beauty of each object produced.



Always ready to take on new challenges, Anna Westerlund has been developing projects with brands such as Anthropologie, Sézane, Atelier Lígia Casanova, Atelier Graça Viterbo, mmi and Omnia. Creativity, attention to detail and the celebration of  ‘being in the moment’ are key elements to all the pieces that come to life in this atelier, which have often been likened to Lewis Carroll’s imaginary in ‘Alice in Wonderland.'


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